Another DeFi experience with LIGER Token

Feel new experience with Liger DeFi token. Hold LIGER in your own wallet to earn more LIGER or Stake LIGER-BNB LP in Treasury Pool to earn WBNB.

Buy on LigerSwap
Set Slippage Between 10-12%

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LIGER To The Moon
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LIGER Price (LigerSwap)

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LIGER Price (PancakeSwap)


Circulating Supply


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Current Holder

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Circulating Market Cap

BEP20 Token Protocols

LIGER token using BEP20 protocol on Binance Smart Chain to carry on future plan of DeFi project such as Yield Farming, Liquidity Pool and Decentrelized Exchange. Just simply as trade, stake and earn more token. Build and make for community needs.

Smart Contract

Using reflection protocol and farming circulation and add useful function of smart contract management for futures use.

Binance Smart Chain

Using BSC as deployment of smart contract that usually used by crypto community and other holders.

New Tokenomics Implementation

Every Transaction Will Be Deducted 10% Fee


Distribute To Holders
(Reflection in LIGER)
(Just Hold in wallet)


Add Liquidity
(Burn & Marketing)


Treasury Pool
(75% Total LP Staker)
(25% Treasury Fee)

Treasury Pool

By providing liquidity to pool and stake LP token to Treasury Pool, users will be able to earn WBNB reward base on all fee collected from every transaction of buy, sell, transfer, ligerswap products and services. Its like being shareholder to ligerswap project.
(Min. Stake 1,000 CAKE-LP)

Reward Update

Every 12 hours per update
Every 25 Billion LIGER per update
(depend on fee collected)

Referral Reward

Invite friends to join treasury pool using your BSC address, get 10% reward every time their harvest.
(Min. Stake 10,000 CAKE-LP)

Treasury Pool Status

Each fee collected will be stored here


Total Joined


Total LP Stake


Total LIGER Collected

Token Summary

LIGER Token Distribution & Tokenomics

Name : Liger DeFi
Symbol : LIGER
Decimal : 18

Total Supply

100 Trillion

Liquidity Pool

35 Trillion

Farming Project

10 Trillion


DEX Project

5 Trillion

Burn After Deploy

50 Trillion

LIGER Address

Project Core Values

Sector Involvement in Decentralized Blockchain

Decentralized Finance

DeFi is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages or exchanges by utilizes smart contracts on blockchains. As of January 2021, approximately $20.5 billion was invested in DeFi. DeFi is an abbreviation of the phrase decentralized finance which generally refers to the digital assets and financial smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications (DApps).

Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized exchange (DEX) is a trading pair matching system that allows people to place orders and trade crypto without relying on 3rd party to manage the funds. Trades directly between (peer to peer) through an automated process using decentralized application (DApp) utilizes blockchain to keep the order books and trades using smart contracts with advantages of privacy and security

Yield Farming

Farming mechanism token event design and handled by smart contract. Liquidity mining is when a yield farmer gets a new token as well as the usual return (that’s the “mining” part) in exchange for the farmer’s liquidity that can be mined by providing liquidity. Reward liquidity providers with token, base on the amount of liquidity each person provides. First provider earn 100% of rewards, until someone join the pool and takes some of market share.


Governance tokens that allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol and influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals. Voted on through on-chain governance accessed by using governance tokens are applied automatically due to smart contracts. The team maintaining the project, applying the changes or hiring someone who will.

Road Map

Project To-Do List

Begin on 1st July 2021
Core Team & Launch Arrangement
Team Work Arrangement
Project Discussion & Arrangement
Telegram Channel (@LigerFinance)
Telegram Group (@LigerFinanceChat)
Facebook Pages (ligerfinance)
Twitter (ligerfinance)
Instagram (ligerfinance)
TikTok (ligerfinance)
Official Website Launch
Token Arrangement
Token Smart Contract Deployment
Token Logo Design
Launch Token Sale on Pancakeswap V2
Add Liquidity with PancakeSwap V2
Spread to Community & World
Marketing Arrangement
CoinScope Banner & Promo
Twitter Giveaway (Like & Follow)
Brand & Introduction Video From Tiktok Influencer
Brand & Introduction Video From YouTuber
Others Marketing Platform
Holders & Audits
Currrent Holders : Holders
Next Target : 1000 Holders
CoinScope Audit (Rate : 94)
SolidProof Audit
Certik Audit
Token Listing
TrustWallet Token listing
Nomics Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
Minor CEX Listing
DEX Development
DEX Frontend Development
Use DEX PancakeSwap in LigerSwap
DEX Frontend Launch
Own DEX Factory Smart Contract
Own DEX Router Smart Contract
Own DEX Swap & LP Frontend Launch
Add Liquidity To LigerSwap New LP Ecosystem
Launch 2 DEX in LigerSwap Exchange Frontend
Future Products & Services
Treasury Pool (Main Staking)
Community Farm (For Token Owner & Their Community)
Hunter Pool (Stake Token to Earn More Token)
Create New Token Included Community Farm (For New Team)
NFT MarketPlace (Create, Buy & Sell NFT)


Our Core Team

Hafiz Zaini

Team Leader

Asyraf Khalid

Social Media Lead

Azlan Shabudin

Marketing Lead


Frequently Asked Questions

  • - Download and deposit BNB Smart Chain to your TrustWallet, MetaMask or any supported dApps wallet.
    - You can get your BNB Smart Chain From Binance Exchange. Follow our community group for futher guideline from our community support.
    - Click BUY button on this page and you will be redirected to LigerSwap.
    - Click "I understand" and purchase the desired amount. Make Sure Set Slippage Between 10-12%.
    - Check your received liger token in ligerswap by click on wallet icon or paste liger contract address in your TrustWallet, SafePal, etc to view your liger token amount.

  • LIGER Token Smart Contract Address

    LIGER Address

  • Every each transaction will be deducted 10% fee.
    - 3% will be added to Liquidity Pool (BuyBack, Burn & Marketing).
    - 3% will be distributed among the holders.
    - 3% will be rewarded to LP Staking in WBNB (Treasury Pool).
    - 1% will be send to Treasury Fund (Management Fund).

    Every Reward Update From Community Pool.
    - Cuurent Fee 1% From Community Farm will be Swap to Liger & send to Treasury Pool.
    - Current Reward 99%% will be distributed among the LP Staker.

    Every Reward Update From Hunter Pool.
    - Current Fee 1% From Community Farm will be Swap to Liger & send to Treasury Pool.
    - Current Reward 99%% will be distributed among the Token Staker.

  • 1️⃣ Treasury Pool ✅
    4% percent of transaction fee will be send to Treasury Pool. 3% will be distribute among the LP staker in WBNB and 1% to Treasury Fund.

    2️⃣ Community Farm ⏳
    Token owner who want to increase their LP will need to provide their token to the Community Farm Smart Contract.
    Provided token will be distribute among their LP staker base on token per block.
    Every reward update, 1% fee will be transfer to Treasury Pool in Liger Token.

    3️⃣ Hunter Pool ⏳
    Stake Liger to earn others token. Staker can decide which token they prefer to earn.
    Every reward update, 1% fee will be transfer to Treasury Pool in Liger Token.

    4️⃣ Create New Token ⏳
    Liger Finance will provide a service to new team who willing to create new token and participating in Liger Community Farm to increase their LP.

  • 1️⃣ You Need Liger Token
    Make sure you already BUY liger token

    2️⃣ You Need BNB in your wallet
    You need BNB that equal with your liger token value

    3️⃣ Add Liquidity in LigerSwap DApp
    Click add liquidity at LigerSwap in Trade on Menu section area and select BNB and Liger DeFi as token amount that you need to provide in liquidity pool.

    4️⃣ Approve & Supply Button
    Click Approve button for first time providing LP & approve in your wallet for submit in blockchain.
    Then Click Supply button to supply provided token to LIGER-BNB Liquidity Pool & your will received Cake-LP token as representing your share in LIGER-BNB Liquidity Pool.

  • 1️⃣ Join Treasury Pool
    Click Treasury Pool in Menu area at

    2️⃣ Register Your Address
    You need to click Register button to submit your address in Treasury Manager Smart Contract
    If you have Referrer address provide by your friend or introducer, please paste in input area and then click Register button.
    If you don't have referrer address as your reference, just click NoReferrer then click Register button.
    Approve transaction from your wallet and Wait until you get notification about your registration & proceed for next step.

    3️⃣ Enable Contract
    Click Enable contract to give permission for Treasury Manager to handle Cake-LP transaction between your wallet and Treasury Manager.
    Approve transaction from your wallet and wait for Enable button change to Stake LP button

    4️⃣ Stake LIGER-BNB LP
    Click Stake LP and input your max LP that your have by clicking MAX button then click Confirm
    Minimum for staking in Treasury Pool is 1,000 Cake-LP (LIGER-BNB LP).
    Minimum for qualified to refer your friend using your address is 30,000 Cake-LP (LIGER-BNB LP).
    Approve transaction from your wallet and wait until you get notification about your staking status. If successful, your staking is ready to generate WBNB every 24 hours, 365 days base on collected fee from all ligerswap products and services.